Spring Favorites

Okay, real talk, for whatever reason I spend way more money in the spring than I do in any other season. The warm weather makes me want to treat myself literally all. of. the. time. It's not so great for my wallet or my saving for NYC (read all about that crazy adventure here!) but it's perfect for the blog! In fact, yesterday I went back up to the register after checking out because I found a clutch that would "be perfect for photo shoots". So in lieu of all my recent purchases, I decided to bring you a few of my favorites for the springtime!

I used to use the original UD eyeshadow primer religiously, but once I found the Eden, matte primer I haven't been able to go back. Fun fact, I have such veiny eye lids (super cute) and I need to pile on eyeshadow to make myself look less like a corpse. My base shadow is gone hella fast because of this and, as much as I love spending money, this girl can't afford to keep buying entire pallets for ONE BASE COLOR. Needless to say, Eden has come in clutch and I am forever in love.

Okay, ladies, the season of summer is right around the corner and our sun kissed skin won't appear without a little sweating. (yuum) If you're like me, foundation is hella light in the summer and forget about heavy moisturizers. Who needs all that when you're already sweating up a storm?? This protection cream gives your skin just the right amount of moisture without weighing you down. And it smells like heaven. No big deal.

I honestly haven't bought any of these for myself yet, but what better flower for the springtime?? I'm pretty surprised I haven't seen more of these beauties flooding my IG feed. If you've been anywhere near my Pinterest you know I'm obsessed. Bury me in peonies.

(Whoa. What a title.) This has been such a game changer for me. I tweeted about this the other day, and one of my friends texted me saying the exact same thing! For the longest time I was terrified to part my hair down the center. #firstworldprobz It's a little risky, but it definitely pays off in the end. In fact, I went to work with my hair styled like this and I got so many compliments. Center part for the win.

These bags are so freakin' adorable! I haven't picked one up yet, but I'm seriously itching to. They're so different, yet simple and effortless. If you're in the market for a new purse, I would 100% check these out! Don't be surprised if you see me toting one around in upcoming photo shoots.

Something about spring always makes me want to wear a white lace dress-- one that's modest but still flirty and fun. I found a few on Red Dress Boutique and I'm trying to hold out as long as I can before I break down and order one. They're seriously adorable and perfect for the spring season!

For whatever reason, I always thought this type of heal wasn't cute or it just wouldn't look cute on me. I have pretty wide feet and I like my heels to hide that fact-- not accentuate it. The other day, though, I saw an adorable pair of blush heels in this style and I knew I had to try them for the spring season. I am seriously obsessed! I don't know why I ever thought they were anything less than fabulous.

Why did I just discover these yesterday?? For those of you as in the dark as I was, tangelos are a mix between tangerines and grapefruits. WHAT? Mindblow. And to answer your question, yes, they are delicious.

When I was back home last month my little sister took me to hot yoga with her. I loved the class, but I had no idea where to find a studio here in Pittsburgh. Two weeks ago some of my friends from work introduced me to Amazing Yoga and I've been hooked ever since! The flow for class is constantly changing and the skill set varies from beginner to expert. I legitimately ask every person I'm slightly friends with to feel my newly formed muscles. My traps are pretty impressive.. If you need a relaxing, but hella effective workout you should try hot yoga. Fo sho.

Must Check Out Music:

What are you obsessing over this spring??


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I'm Moving to New York City!!

Okay, real talk - I'm a mess. But the best kind of mess. The kind of mess where you have so many opportunities spinning around your head and the world is at your fingertips and you feel like you could do everything and anything and it's so unbelievably overwhelming! (gasps for breath) And sometimes you just have to sit and let it all rush over you before you can form competent thoughts. I'm that kind of mess.

If you haven't caught on already, I'm moving to New York City!! I know, it's very surprising. If you had asked me in the beginning of February where I would be moving come July, I would have said ten minutes down the road. Seriously. I was already eyeing up an apartment.

So, why now? Well, back in February my relationship with my boyfriend ended. And as much as I want to say this move has nothing to do with that, I would be lying if I said that. Because if things had continued as they had for the past year, I would be living in Pittsburgh. No questions asked. I would have only dreamed about the possibility of living in NYC. But I finally realized I have to start doing things for myself. I have to be selfish and take risks.

Now, I have to give you a little backstory to this decision because as much as it was kick-started by the closing of one door, my moving to NYC had been written in the stars years ago.

I was made to live in New York City.

Real talk.

The first time I visited I was terrified. I almost had a panic attack when I emerged from the tunnel in the heart of the city. I had never seen buildings so tall. I had never been surrounded by so much all at once. But after the initial shock, I couldn't remember a time I've ever felt more alive. I knew I was supposed to eventually live there. Every part of me knew.

When I first started the job hunt December before I graduated, I pulled up "fashion" jobs in New York City. I took a glimpse at the life I had always wanted, but never thought I was good enough for.  I remember seeing a fashion writing job at Glamour and thinking that was my dream job-- writing for a fashion magazine in the city I had fallen madly in love with living the life I had only dreamed I could have.

But I am me (weird how that works out..) and I told myself every excuse in the book-- not enough money, not enough experience, not enough, not enough, not enough. I was not enough. And that was the problem. One of the things I learned from the ending of that relationship was that I am enough and I have always been enough. Self doubt has killed every dream I've ever had. It was only when I pushed past that self doubt that I ever got anywhere.

Even now I can see those thoughts of self doubt creep in. And it's terrifying as hell. But I am so ready to stop telling myself no. And now that I realize how much of a mental block my self doubt is I've been able to recognize it when its happening and stop it in it's tracks--- working EVEN HARDER to make my dreams a reality.

Soooo, I've been applying to every and any fashion, writing, marketing, social media, pr---- any job that I see and feel excited about. I've been calling companies and recruiters with a renewed vigor. I will get a job in New York City. And if something doesn't come up by the time my lease ends in July, I am still moving. Because if I can live by myself and support myself in Pittsburgh why the hell can't I in New York City??

So this is why things have been a little quiet on the blog front and may honestly be a little quiet for a while. Every free time I have has been devoted to either a) working to save up money for this move or b) applying for jobs, hunting down recruiters emails/ phone numbers and annoying the hell out of them until they hire me.... in a very professional manor, of course. :) I will definitely still be posting, but it won't be as frequent as it used to be.

This is my life-- messy, confusing, and a little unstable-- but exhilarating. I've never felt more terrified or more alive. I'm terrified because things might end up--- scratch that-- because they will end up falling into place. Because I am finally being selfish and doing something for myself and putting my dreams first & its terrifying. But I am beyond ready for this life. I am beyond ready for everything the universe and God has to offer me. And I will fight like hell to make it mine and show everyone myself that I am worth it.

I am enough. 


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The Perfect Spring Top ft. Zaful

Happy spring! Monday was officially the first day of spring and I am beyond excited for the changing season. My heart is so happy when their are flowers blooming all around me. It's like the opening scene of Sound of Music-- only just me laying in a bed of flowers... for hours.

If your current climate is anything like mine the 'official start of spring' means nothing to Mother Nature. I've been rocking my parka and blanket scarf all week and I see no end to that any time soon. When Mother Nature doesn't play fair I like to take things into my own hands. Cue this adorable blush, off the shoulder top.

This top was gifted to me by Zaful for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Shop the Look: Pink Lace Top

I fell in love with this top the moment I laid eyes on it. Blush is one of my favorite colors and it just so happens to be "in" this spring. When I saw this top was blush and off the shoulder AND LACE DETAILED SLEEVES I was mesmerized. Wow. I knew I had to have it.

But, once again, I do need to reiterate that I live in the Subarctic and sometimes have to dress appropriately. As much as I would love to style this darling top with white pants and wedges, the dark high rise jeans and camel booties were the right choice for the current weather. This top might scream spring, but it can handle the chill. How cool does it look with this choker?? I'm not any sort of badass, but that first picture with the wind in my hair and the graffiti train darkened by the sinister clouds makes me feel like I might be related to Lana del Ray. ....sort of.

What trends are you falling for this spring??



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"People love tacos" ft. Condado Taqueria

There's always an excitement that accompanies any restaurant opening and this held true for the opening of Condado Taqueria. This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the restaurant before its opening and sampling their food for myself. As far as first hand accounts go, this was as positive as any owner could have hoped. Now, granted, I am a self proclaimed taco lover and it has been said that tequila makes up 45% of my blood, but the facts remain: Condado lived up to any and all of my wildest dreams.

All joking aside, the moment I walked into Condado I knew I was in for a treat. The ambiance of a place is the first thing I notice. Food, alcohol, wait staff aside, I will go to any restaurant, dive bar, or what have you if I feel drawn to their ambiance-- their vibe.

This restaurant doesn't just have art, it is art. My favorite piece is lovingly referred to as "Nacho Volcano". This mural took up an entire wall, featuring a volcano spewing nacho cheese and entrapping any and all tortilla chips in it's lava- cheesy path. (Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.) There was so much thought and intention behind the creation of Condado that I was instantly intrigued as to what else was in store for the evening.

It turns out all of their art was created by local artists harnessing the vibes of graffiti and tattoo art to bring into being a restaurant where every place you sit there is something different to look at. The restaurant is filled with murals that their general manager notes, "work well together, even though they may seem different." He explains, "Some of the tattoo artists that we have will do the more intricate designs" whereas some of their other pieces are in a "fast[er] graffiti style". 

When I took a second to really look at each piece, I noticed how true this was. Although each mural or piece of artwork followed a certain theme or idea, they were all so stylistically different. I know for a fact I wasn't able to look at all of the art this unique restaurant had to offer and I know each time I come back will be a new visual adventure. 

The experience of being in their restaurant seems to be almost as important, if not just as important as the quality of their food and beverage. But lets not forget, Condado is first and foremost a restaurant and I am first and foremost a lover of Mexican cuisine, so I have to talk about the food. 

Yes, those are actual pictures I took on my humble iPhone of Condado's real life food. I'm legitimately drooling right now just thinking about how amazing everything was. I am a sucker for blood orange drinks, so I had to get their blood orange house margarita. Let's just say, they definitely didn't skimp on the tequila and I 100% had to sit and drink a glass of water before I interviewed their general manager. Maybe I'm just a light weight, but the two drinks that I had (my second one was Kahlo -- a tequila version of a mojito) were definitely on the stronger side. 

After drinks, we order their "El Tres Amigos" -- chips accompanied by your choice of three dipping sauces (quesos, salsas, and guacamoles). Jen wanted to try their Tuscan guac and to be honest I had my reservations. Something about artichokes, basil and balsamic didn't seem like it would be good paired with guacamole. I am so glad I was wrong, though. Their Tuscan guac turned out to be my favorite-- we couldn't get enough of it! 

And if you were wondering, all of the raving reviews about their queso are correct. It's banging. If I could have a lifetime supply of their queso I would die a happy woman. 

Queso > men 

For our entree, we each decided to create our own tacos. I can't honestly remember what all I put into mine, but it truly was a delicious taco. I was more than overwhelmed with all of the choices they had to offer. They have so many different types of shells, proteins and toppings. The availability of a wide variety of options is the catered experience Condado gives to all of its guests. I will definitely need to come back to try more! 

Insider Recommendations:
1. Try the queso dirty
2. Try the Blood Orange Jalapeño Margarita
     (Secret Menu item)
3. Always, always, always get the Sweet Lucy shell for your tacos.

Be sure to visit Condado's Pittsburgh restaurant located at 971 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh Pa, 15222 to experience this unique restaurant for yourself! 


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Black Bohemian Dress + Sammy Dress

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fabulous March! This month has already been a whirlwind, but I have only hope and positivity for what is to come. :) That was a hella vague opening, but I need an entire "Real Talk" post to get into the craziness that has been my life lately. Hopefully that will be up soon!

Anywho, is it snowing where you are today? Because yesterday I ran outside with a short sleeve shirt on and was completely fine and today I just want to stay snuggled up in the biggest sweater I own. Weather is so confusing! How am I supposed to mentally prepare for the best season ever (aka. summer) if its snowing every other week?!

So, once again, we find ourselves in the season of transition pieces, something I talked about constantly this past fall. I am forever on the lookout for pieces that work great during these strange, "never know what's coming next" months and today I'm bringing you a beautiful boho dress perfect for just that!

This dress was gifted to me by Sammy Dress for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Shop the Look:

Real talk: if I'm being completely honest I underestimated this dress. Well, to be fair I completely underestimated myself in this dress. I 100% thought the low cut front wouldn't be a big deal and my chest would look as "quaint" as the model in the photo. These photos here actually do a better job downplaying things than real life does. So, let me be the first to say that I'm not totally comfortable wearing this dress out for your typical everyday events unless I wear something underneath to keep things a bit more modest. 

But that's the beauty of this dress! You can wear it how it was intended or slip something underneath to give it a more modest look and no one would be the wiser. It's all about what makes you comfortable. 

Besides that slight hiccup, I'm in love with everything about this dress. Bohemian style dresses are so fun and playful and that is exactly what this dress is -- fun and playful. The wide sleeves flow with your movement, the skirt is flattering but not tooo short and the flowers (and really all of the detailing) give this dress an added romantic feel to the playfulness. 

"So how does this dress act as a great transition piece?" you might ask. Well, first of all, in my humble opinion black works for every season. Black in general is great to transition with because you can pair it with anything and it will still look good. Yes, the golden rule of fashion. Even better, though, if its cold outside and you want to wear a dress, but still want to give your legs a little bit of warmth, this black dress pairs seamlessly with tights. Warm outside? Throw aside your tights and you're good to go! This dress would look amazing with riding boots or booties or heals or even cute little sandals (for the wonderful upcoming season of summer). 

Really ladies, its a win-win-win-win scenario.  10/10 

What is your favorite transition piece for this time of year?? 

& be sure to check Sammy Dress out for yourself!


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Reasons Why I Can't Wait for Spring + JORD Giveaway

Hello, lovelies and welcome back! The past few days in Pittsburgh have been absolutely beautiful! It was well over 70 the other day and I was super bummed I had to spend all day inside. I don't think Spring has officially sprung (especially considering its only 41 this morning), but it's getting pretty darn close. All of this beautiful weather has got my head full of blooming flowers and sunnier days. So, in commemoration of this lovely weather and the approaching springtime, I've decided to put together a list of things I'm most excited for this upcoming season!

This watch was gifted to me by JORD watches for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 Reasons Why I Can't Wait Another Minute For Spring:

1. Longer days
I'm 100% that person whose mood changes with the weather. I hate how quickly it gets dark now. I'm just happier when things are bright. I've already started to notice a change, but I'm soo ready for it to be light out until like 9PM. Soon!!

2. Spring cleaning
Okay, this is an odd one to get excited about, but I love getting into everything, purging what I don't need and feeling fresh and clean for the springtime. I honestly feel lighter when I get rid of a bunch of things that just s.i.t. in my apartment. You know that drawer you barely open and just push things around in if you ever do open it? I very strongly dislike that drawer. Spring cleaning gives me an excuse to go through the things I own and figure out what I need and what is just taking up space and weighing me down. Especially with my upcoming move this summer, this year's spring cleaning/purging will be crucial!

3. Spring clothes!!
Floral dresses, floral tops, floral jewelry, floral EVERYTHING. Okay, that might be a bit over the top, but I'm all about the florals (even my bedspread sports pretty burgundy flowers. (**see below pictures) Also, colors. Lots and lots of colors and flowy outfits! Everything light and beautiful is what I want to wear during the springtime. I seriously can't wait to pair all of my spring outfits with my beautiful spring inspired JORD watch! This outfit is just a tease of what is in store for Spring. Pastels, florals, lace and a beautiful light wood accent. This watch is just the right amount of springtime earthiness (definitely not a word but I'm using it anyway) -- light, bright, natural and inviting. It's everything I could want in an accent piece!

4. Outdoor activities
One of the occupational hazards of living in Pittsburgh is the cold weather in the winter. One of the reasons I get so excited for Spring is that I can finally go outside again for the pure reason of wanting to go outside and breath in the fresh air. I love sitting on my porch when it gets nice out and reading a book. Or going for a walk in the park nearby. Or even getting off my butt and going for a run. These are things I can never do in the winter months because it's just too darn cold.

5. Birds chirping
This is another odd one, but I love the sound of birds chirping. Really, I just love the sound of any and all life outside. Winter is so sad because most everyone stays where it's warm, and I miss out on the sounds of life. I love keeping my windows open in the warmer months and waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in the morning. It's my favorite way to wake up! I will definitely be a happier person when I can do this again.

And now time for the giveaway! 
I'm teaming up with JORD to help you ready your wardrobe for the upcoming season. Enter below for your chance to win a $100 gift card to JORD. A winner will be drawn on Sunday, March 5th, so get those entries in soon!

The best part?? Everyone who enters and doesn't win the $100 gift card automatically receives a $25 gift card either way!! What a steal!

Click here to enter!!

Ladies Wooden Watches


What are you excited for this upcoming Spring??


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