Fall Adventures in New York City ft. Remington


Hey, everyone! I know fall has officially started, but here in the Big Apple it's still ridiculously hot. I'm talking '86 degrees' hot. It probably has something to do with all of the tall, metal buildings, but either way, there is no way I've been able to dress in sweaters and scarves. So, I've had to get creative with my fall inspired outfits. By creative, I mean outfits involving burgundy...and a lot of it. 

If you've stuck around here long enough, you know I never curl my hair without my Remington TStudio Thermaluxe Curling Wand. These curls are seriously my favorite. Ask any of my friends! Whenever I curl my hair, I use this wand. So there's no surprise it's my go-to fall curling wand of choice. Your girl knows what she likes.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Remington Products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Just look at those curls! They're the perfect "I want to look put together, but not like I'm trying too hard" curls. What a mouthful. 


Grand Central Station
The first stop on our fall adventure was Grand Central Station. We had a few errands to run in the area and naturally had to take a second for a photo -op. We were literally racing down the steps, on the way to catch the subway, when we (and by 'we' I mean my roommate, Kayleigh) realized how perfect of a place this was for pictures. I've raced past this spot several times, without even taking a second's thought, but there's a reason why so many movies and scenes are set in this beautiful space. Take Gossip Girl! The opening, iconic scene with Serena was filmed in this beautiful space.

Through the humidity of the subway and the rush of the crowd, those curls still manage to bounce back!

When a New Yorker, young or old, has somewhere to be, there's zero chance little 'ole me with my iPhone is going to hold them up. 


DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections
After our detour at Grand Central Station, we quickly made our way to the wonderful world of Dō. For those of you who haven't heard of this magical place (featured thousands of times on INSIDER videos), it's an ice cream-esque parlor. Plot twist: instead of ice cream, they serve cookie dough. (You definitely didn't see that one coming.) They have flavors ranging from birthday cake to snickers to brownie batter -- YES, BROWNIE BATTER. To top it all off (or hold it all up), they have pink vanilla flavored cones. 

Fam, if you ever find yourself in New York City and you enjoy the taste of cookie dough, but your mother always warned you against eating the entire batter raw (weird.), go to dō. Dō it. The only caveat is that it's crazy busy on the weekends. Are you shocked? People like cookie dough. A lot. 

PRO TIP: Go on a weekday. Avoid the weekends. The line does, indeed, stretch across the street and down the block. 


Washington Square Park
For the longest time, I had no idea that Washington Square Park existed. I knew there was a mysterious place somewhere in Manhattan that housed a beautiful triumphal arch and that Hilary Rushford took the most ADORABLE blog pictures at this location, but that's pretty much all I knew about it. In fact, it was only last weekend while I was exploring the city with my friend that we stumbled upon this wondrous place. As soon as you walk in there were performers everywhere. We grabbed the nearest bench and listened too all of the different sounds as twilight turned into nightfall. NYU's campus does happen to be right around the corner.

On this particular day fall day, though, we were milling about with at least a hundred other people. Someone somewhere was making those huge bubbles, which floated lazily into the sky. My roommates and I were admiring one that had wandered close to us when an angry man in a suit went out of his way to stomp by, kick out his foot and POP THE BUBBLE right in front of our eyes. Swear to God, I about to take a picture of the bubble when this man stormed over! The only proof I have of the beloved bubble's short life is a picture with the bottom half of his leg. New Yorkers, man.

In commemoration of every blogger in NYC ever, we decided to have a photo shoot. For the most part it was us, trying to figure out what to do with our hands while looking off in the distance or smizing at the camera, inadvertently entertaining every onlooker in the area. Professionals all the way. I don't know the exact idea I had in my head of what it would be like to have a photo shoot in the park, but I definitely hadn't envisioned a bright orange construction vehicle as the unsung hero of the day. Life is mysterious.

Bright eyed and innocent New Yorkers, amazed by every sight and sound.

I don't know how it's possible, but I think my hair looks even better when it's up in a pony tail. 
There's only one way I'm getting those curls, so thank you, Remington!

We finished off our first fall adventure wandering through Greenwich village and evntually finding our way to a happy hour full of daiquiris and guac. There are some days when New York can chew you up and spit you out, but then there are other days where bubbles float around you, musicians do their thing and plenty of memories are created. 

(Cue gossip girl voiceover) 
If there's one thing I know about my time here in NYC, it's that the streets have not seen the last of my awkward self. Only time will tell when I shall strike again. 


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Newest Obsession in Skin Care -- Remington Facial Cleansing Brush

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I seriously cannot believe July is already under way. This summer has been flying by and August 1st is creeping up faster than I would like! I don't know about you, but between the stress of moving, the heat of the sun, and sweating all. of. the. time. my skin has been through a lot this summer. Thankfully, I've been gifted the Remington Facial Cleansing Brush and it is seriously saving my skin! Every time I use it it's like a mini spa day and my skin instantly feels better. We all know that once I start obsessing over something I have to tell you all about it! So today, I'm bringing you a tutorial for the Remington Facial Cleansing Brush.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Remington. The Remington Facial Cleansing Brush was gifted to me for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

First thing's first, this facial cleansing brush is beyond easy to use. Why? you may ask.
-Three different speed settings at the click of a button
     The center button activates three different speeds. So depending on your skin type or the amount of cleansing you think your face 
     needs, you can change accordingly. God only knows there are days my skin needs all of the deep cleaning it can get!

Those led lights, though! 

-Pauses built in to the cleanser for when you should transition to the next section of your face
     It literally tells you when your skin is good to go and you need to move on. How much easier can it get?!

How To Use Your Remington Facial Cleansing Brush
1. Remove as much makeup from your face as possible
This may seem counter intuitive, but if you want the deepest clean, start with as much makeup off as possible. 
2. Choose your desired speed: 1 (normal), 2 (faster), 3 (fastest)
On days when I've been sweating in the sun or after a long night working, I usually bump up the speed.
3. Clean in sections
Honestly, you can clean your face however you'd like, but the timer within the cleanser is based off of the different sections of you face: forehead, left side, right side. If you use the cleanser with the different sections in mind, your face will get a more even clean.

**Pro tip: If you're in the mood to take your spa day up a whole other level, the messaging head of the Cleansing Brush is a 10/10! Your girl is forever trying to stay away from wrinkles and the messaging head definitely relaxing the muscles in my face.

I've been in the market for a brush like this for a while now and my search is now complete! Be sure to routinely wash your brush (duh) and always wait for your brush to fully dry before putting it back on the charger. Overall, this cleansing brush really hit it out of the park for me. Not only is it great for every day use, but now you can have a spa day whenever you want. #winning


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Your "Must-Have" Pens Playoff Outfit

Hey, everyone! Today we are switching things up a bit to talk about hockey. If you follow me on Snapchat you already know I've been religiously watching the Pens in this playoff season. Last year, when the Pens won the Stanley Cup, Pittsburgh was L.I.T. I've never been a part of a more thriving community. The fans poured into the streets after that final game. If you lived in South Side there was zero sleep to be had. The next week, I watched the parade and the city seriously felt like an amusement park. The energy, excitement and pure happiness was electric.

This post is sponsored by the NHL and NHL Shop. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This year, Pittsburgh has been particularly on edge. The taste of last year's victory has not been forgotten and we want it back. Every time I think we have the series in the bag, the other team gets ahead and I'm back to sweating bullets and fidgeting with anxiety. Last night I was sitting with my friends watching the game thinking there was no way we could go from winning the last game 7-0 to losing this game and I sure didn't want to go to Game 7. My body did not want to deal with that kind of stress. But, like I said, every time I thought we had it in the bag, the universe decided to knock me down a few pegs. I am sure as hell not a Senator's fan, but Anderson did an amazing job last night. I'm also not going to rant about how there was no goalie interference... but there was none.

ANYWHO, everyone knows no game day is complete without rocking your favorite jersey or hat. I picked up all of my game day essentials online at NHL Shop. My game day attire consists of this sporty and loose fitting jersey, leggings and white slip ons, perfect for hiding the fact that I've consumed a large amount of beer and buffalo chicken dip. sorry not sorry.  But, let's be real, those jerseys can get toasty, especially when you're brimming with excitement and cheering and having an all around good time. I am nothing if not resourceful and always have a trick or two up my sleeve.

How cool is this shirt?? I'm such a sucker for a beard and hockey has a plethora of good looking men with beards. I saw this shirt and immediately knew I had to make it mine. It's hilarious, but I'm also low key obsessed...

When you're heading to a bar jam packed with fellow Pens fans, things can get pretty heated and as much as I love my Crosby jersey, sometimes I want something a little lighter. This playoffs shirt is light enough to slip under your jersey and perfect when you want to switch things up.

The new playoff line is hella on point! I love how each line is not only branded for the team, but the different hometowns and regions where the team plays. Their "Steel City Hockey" "Pennsylvania" and "Defend the Burgh" shirts are just a few of my favorites.

In both the jersey and the shirts, I would recommend going up a size. I always prefer my tops a little looser and if you stay true to size they're definitely form fitting-- especially the shirts.

*Me thinking about Game 7: equal parts anxiety and excitement. Such a blur of emotions! 

Be sure to check out the new NHL Playoff line and, as always, GO PENS! 🐧


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Holding Onto the Moments in Life Worth Remembering

There are moments in life you will never forget. My high school choreographer used to tell us to stop every once in a while and take "snapshots" of our lives-- the moment before you step on stage, the moment after you graduate, the moment before a first date. She told us that our lives would fly by, that all we would have were moments to look back on and we needed to take the time to really remember what that moment was like. That was 7 years ago. I still remember her standing in greenroom before a show telling us to remember the moments in life worth remembering.

Tonight I took a snapshot. It wasn't anything special to an outsider. I got done working a 12 hour day as a waitress-- working a job to pay the bills while I tried to land the job of my dreams. I got some food with a friend, came home with a bit of a buzz and a dire need to pass tf out before I had to wake up for work to do another 12 hour day all over again.

I walked into my apartment to see everything changed--to see the place I had called my home look nothing like the place I had left 12 hours earlier.

And that's when I took my snapshot.

The weight of my decision to move to New York City had truly settled in. I was leaving the town I had called my home for 5 years to live in a city I had only dreamed of living in.

"Growth is uncomfortable. Growth is uncomfortable. Growth. Is. Uncomfortable."

That was my mantra as I walked the hall of a place that felt like nothing familiar. That was the mantra of me beginning the life I was not prepared to begin.

But growth is uncomfortable and the only way to get through the uncomfortableness of life is to live.

At that moment, I took a snapshot of the life I was leaving behind. Maybe not today, but in a few months time that life will be over for me. I will no longer be the Pitt grad living in Oakland working as a waitress and waiting for life to happen.

I am going to be the badass New Yorker who still doesn't have her shit together but is doing everything she can to get wherever she needs to be in life. I won't take no for an answer --- especially if that no is coming from myself. I will take this horrible stress and anxiety-- the uncomfortableness of what life is like right now--- and use it to get me where I need to be.

'This life isn't what you had planned??' Make a new plan.

'Moving to NYC is terrifying as hell and part of you thinks you may end up murdered in a ditch within 4 months time?' Move anyway and hope to God people love you enough to send peonies to your funeral.

I have had the most support and help in my life when other people have shared their real life experiences with me and that is what I'm trying to do today. We are all humans and we are all trying to find our place in the world-- whatever that may mean to each of us.

It's okay not to have everything together.

It's okay to be terrified.

It's only natural to wonder if there is a reason.

Or wonder if any of this is worth it.

Take your snapshot of that moment-- that moment when you are so terrified you feel like you could never fully grip reality again. Take that snapshot to remind yourself to keep going. To remind yourself that you never want to feel that way again and will work your ass off to accept nothing less than what you deserve.

Take that snapshot and then live your messy, beautiful, and unplanned life.

Allow yourself to be where you are in life without ever forgetting where you want to end up.

Take your snapshot.. and then live.


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Spring Favorites

Okay, real talk, for whatever reason I spend way more money in the spring than I do in any other season. The warm weather makes me want to treat myself literally all. of. the. time. It's not so great for my wallet or my saving for NYC (read all about that crazy adventure here!) but it's perfect for the blog! In fact, yesterday I went back up to the register after checking out because I found a clutch that would "be perfect for photo shoots". So in lieu of all my recent purchases, I decided to bring you a few of my favorites for the springtime!

I used to use the original UD eyeshadow primer religiously, but once I found the Eden, matte primer I haven't been able to go back. Fun fact, I have such veiny eye lids (super cute) and I need to pile on eyeshadow to make myself look less like a corpse. My base shadow is gone hella fast because of this and, as much as I love spending money, this girl can't afford to keep buying entire pallets for ONE BASE COLOR. Needless to say, Eden has come in clutch and I am forever in love.

Okay, ladies, the season of summer is right around the corner and our sun kissed skin won't appear without a little sweating. (yuum) If you're like me, foundation is hella light in the summer and forget about heavy moisturizers. Who needs all that when you're already sweating up a storm?? This protection cream gives your skin just the right amount of moisture without weighing you down. And it smells like heaven. No big deal.

I honestly haven't bought any of these for myself yet, but what better flower for the springtime?? I'm pretty surprised I haven't seen more of these beauties flooding my IG feed. If you've been anywhere near my Pinterest you know I'm obsessed. Bury me in peonies.

(Whoa. What a title.) This has been such a game changer for me. I tweeted about this the other day, and one of my friends texted me saying the exact same thing! For the longest time I was terrified to part my hair down the center. #firstworldprobz It's a little risky, but it definitely pays off in the end. In fact, I went to work with my hair styled like this and I got so many compliments. Center part for the win.

These bags are so freakin' adorable! I haven't picked one up yet, but I'm seriously itching to. They're so different, yet simple and effortless. If you're in the market for a new purse, I would 100% check these out! Don't be surprised if you see me toting one around in upcoming photo shoots.

Something about spring always makes me want to wear a white lace dress-- one that's modest but still flirty and fun. I found a few on Red Dress Boutique and I'm trying to hold out as long as I can before I break down and order one. They're seriously adorable and perfect for the spring season!

For whatever reason, I always thought this type of heal wasn't cute or it just wouldn't look cute on me. I have pretty wide feet and I like my heels to hide that fact-- not accentuate it. The other day, though, I saw an adorable pair of blush heels in this style and I knew I had to try them for the spring season. I am seriously obsessed! I don't know why I ever thought they were anything less than fabulous.

Why did I just discover these yesterday?? For those of you as in the dark as I was, tangelos are a mix between tangerines and grapefruits. WHAT? Mindblow. And to answer your question, yes, they are delicious.

When I was back home last month my little sister took me to hot yoga with her. I loved the class, but I had no idea where to find a studio here in Pittsburgh. Two weeks ago some of my friends from work introduced me to Amazing Yoga and I've been hooked ever since! The flow for class is constantly changing and the skill set varies from beginner to expert. I legitimately ask every person I'm slightly friends with to feel my newly formed muscles. My traps are pretty impressive.. If you need a relaxing, but hella effective workout you should try hot yoga. Fo sho.

Must Check Out Music:

What are you obsessing over this spring??


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I'm Moving to New York City!!

Okay, real talk - I'm a mess. But the best kind of mess. The kind of mess where you have so many opportunities spinning around your head and the world is at your fingertips and you feel like you could do everything and anything and it's so unbelievably overwhelming! (gasps for breath) And sometimes you just have to sit and let it all rush over you before you can form competent thoughts. I'm that kind of mess.

If you haven't caught on already, I'm moving to New York City!! I know, it's very surprising. If you had asked me in the beginning of February where I would be moving come July, I would have said ten minutes down the road. Seriously. I was already eyeing up an apartment.

So, why now? Well, back in February my relationship with my boyfriend ended. And as much as I want to say this move has nothing to do with that, I would be lying if I said that. Because if things had continued as they had for the past year, I would be living in Pittsburgh. No questions asked. I would have only dreamed about the possibility of living in NYC. But I finally realized I have to start doing things for myself. I have to be selfish and take risks.

Now, I have to give you a little backstory to this decision because as much as it was kick-started by the closing of one door, my moving to NYC had been written in the stars years ago.

I was made to live in New York City.

Real talk.

The first time I visited I was terrified. I almost had a panic attack when I emerged from the tunnel in the heart of the city. I had never seen buildings so tall. I had never been surrounded by so much all at once. But after the initial shock, I couldn't remember a time I've ever felt more alive. I knew I was supposed to eventually live there. Every part of me knew.

When I first started the job hunt December before I graduated, I pulled up "fashion" jobs in New York City. I took a glimpse at the life I had always wanted, but never thought I was good enough for.  I remember seeing a fashion writing job at Glamour and thinking that was my dream job-- writing for a fashion magazine in the city I had fallen madly in love with living the life I had only dreamed I could have.

But I am me (weird how that works out..) and I told myself every excuse in the book-- not enough money, not enough experience, not enough, not enough, not enough. I was not enough. And that was the problem. One of the things I learned from the ending of that relationship was that I am enough and I have always been enough. Self doubt has killed every dream I've ever had. It was only when I pushed past that self doubt that I ever got anywhere.

Even now I can see those thoughts of self doubt creep in. And it's terrifying as hell. But I am so ready to stop telling myself no. And now that I realize how much of a mental block my self doubt is I've been able to recognize it when its happening and stop it in it's tracks--- working EVEN HARDER to make my dreams a reality.

Soooo, I've been applying to every and any fashion, writing, marketing, social media, pr---- any job that I see and feel excited about. I've been calling companies and recruiters with a renewed vigor. I will get a job in New York City. And if something doesn't come up by the time my lease ends in July, I am still moving. Because if I can live by myself and support myself in Pittsburgh why the hell can't I in New York City??

So this is why things have been a little quiet on the blog front and may honestly be a little quiet for a while. Every free time I have has been devoted to either a) working to save up money for this move or b) applying for jobs, hunting down recruiters emails/ phone numbers and annoying the hell out of them until they hire me.... in a very professional manor, of course. :) I will definitely still be posting, but it won't be as frequent as it used to be.

This is my life-- messy, confusing, and a little unstable-- but exhilarating. I've never felt more terrified or more alive. I'm terrified because things might end up--- scratch that-- because they will end up falling into place. Because I am finally being selfish and doing something for myself and putting my dreams first & its terrifying. But I am beyond ready for this life. I am beyond ready for everything the universe and God has to offer me. And I will fight like hell to make it mine and show everyone myself that I am worth it.

I am enough. 


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