Favorite NYC Coffee Shops

Hello there! I don't know about you, but I am quite chilled atm. January is not my favorite month for weather, so as a mental remedy, we're talking coffee today. Specifically, my favorite coffee shops in NYC.

Since moving to the city, coffee shops have been the backdrop to many events. Whether it was mentally preparing for an interview in 20 minutes, seeking refuge from a downpour, catching up a friend or simply enjoying a few precious moments of rest, I've found myself in many coffee shops since that fateful August day.

Queens Room
It should be no surprise that I absolutely have to start this list at the heart of my stomping ground - Astoria. If you've never heard of it, you have now! Astoria is an adorable, yet hip section of Queens - most recently famous for the mysterious blue light that appeared back in December. Any who, we start our list out in Queens Room & I have more than one excuse to visit this lovely spot. In the morning and afternoon hours, you'll find most patrons sipping coffee and working on laptops. Typical coffee shop vibes. After dark, though, most are sipping wine or enjoying one of their monarch inspired cocktails. I'm partial because of how close it is to my apartment, but it's an adorable spot if you need some inspiration while writing or if you're on a ~casual~ date.

Address: 36-02 Ditmars Blvd Astoria, NY

Martha's Country Bakery
Martha's is fairly well known here in NYC with a few different locations in Queens and Brooklyn. I feel this goes without saying, but my favorite is there Astoria location. While it isn't their original location, the Astoria MCB was where my roommate Madrid and I shared a light lunch after viewing our now apartment. It was an absolutely exhausting day running all over Astoria viewing a bunch of extremely different apartments. After literal hours of walking we finally found our corner of the universe and solidified plans to sign in this very coffee shop. Besides the sappy, sentimental stuff, they also have a dangerous amount of delicious desserts. Sharing an eclair and sipping a cappuccino is such a relaxing way to spend an hour. The sugar rush makes me even more chatty than usual, so I refrain from suggesting any first dates here.

Address: 36-21 Ditmars Blvd Astoria, NY

Think Coffee
I've only been to the location on Mercer, but they have shops all over the city. I stumbled on Think while I was out with the sister last March and have enjoyed every trip back since. This particular location definitely has college vibes. Most likely due to it's proximity to NYU. While I don't attend classes anymore, this spot really makes me rethink applying for grad school.. I could sit in here and read for hours!

Address: 248 Mercer St New York, NY

Ground Support
I absolutely love how witty this name is! If I'm being honest, it's entirely the reason I first stopped in. Sure the coffee is delicious and the prosciutto sandwich gives me life, but I come back for this spot's unique personality. My favorite thing about GS you ask? Oddly enough, their Instagram. Although, maybe it won't seem odd once you check it out. It's not what you're expecting, but everything you need. You won't be disappointed.

Address: 399 West Broadway New York, NY

Optimistic Cafe
This cafe is SO freakin' cute. I shot one of my favorite Insta Story photos here while warming myself from the cold - also last March. An eventful month for coffee discoveries, I suppose. It's pretty cozy in this particular cafe, so you may have difficulty finding a place to sit if you'd like to stay a while. If it's a grab and go, make sure to snap a photo or two in front of their faux vines.

Address: 260 West 39th St, New York, NY

The Coffee Inn
Located in the Upper East Side, this tiny shop is great to refuel during a day of adventures. It's only a few avenues away from Central Park and even closer to arguably the best TJ Maxx around (the real reason I venture to the UES). It's also conveniently located near my sister's place. It's like they always say, "location, location, location".

Address: 1316 1st Avenue New York, NY

Ange Noir Cafe
Last, but certainly not least, we have Ange Noir Cafe. The name itself means Black Angel and the interior reflects a very gothic noir vibe. Sounds odd - for sure, but it's really well done. I went there for brunch a few weekends ago and had one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've eaten in a while. There weren't any bells and whistles and I certainly wouldn't say the food is Insta worthy - at least from a photogenic standpoint - but wow is it good. Right around the corner you'll find Beacon's Closet, a fun, hip thrift store. I found a retro Pitt hat in there and couldn't believe it! Even Brooklyn hails.

247 Varet Street, Brooklyn NY, 11206

I know I have absolutely missed a bunch of great spots. My roommate Kayleigh loves QWNS Cafe in Astoria, Grace Street in K-Town and Bluestone Lane in the West Village, so I already have a few on my list of spots I need to check out. It's safe to say I'm obsessed with coffee shops. Where should I head to next??


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