Travel Guide: Bermuda

Gooood morning! It has been a very hot few days here in the Big Apple. So much so, half of the city had a power outage last weekend. Now, I know some may think that Astoria is not the most glamorous neighborhood, but when it's 90 degrees and your AC is still kicking it makes me very grateful for my small corner of the universe.

Be that as it may, it's still hot. Very hot. So while I'm doing all I can to beat the heat, I can't help but day dream of this perfect little island. I've rounded up all my favorite photos above + detailed everything you need to know below.


Late spring / early summer is the perfect time to take a trip to the island of Bermuda. However, which month you visit during that timeframe depends on what you'd like to do. March and April are great for travelers who want the most bang for their buck. The water is still on the cold side, so if you're not much of a swimmer and want to save a little these months would be perfect. We visited at the end of May - still not in full summer heat + tourist hub, but warm enough to go swimming whenever. If you visit during the summer, be prepared for a lot of heat and even more humidity.


Mickey's Beach Bar & Bistro: After a long day of lounging in the sand or hour long photoshoots, Mickey's is the perfect spot to refuel. This restaurant is right on Elbow Beach - no travel necessary. Not only is it perfectly located, but their food is also ah-mazing and seriously hits the spot. Be sure to snag a pitcher for the table - or yourself.

Blu Bar & Grill: While on the island, we knew there was one night we wanted to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and immediately our hosts recommended Blu. This spot is on the pricey side, but worth every penny! If you find yourself here you have to try the soufflé. We ordered both flavors - the chocolate and the lemon - but I can't honestly decide which one is better. They're both so mouth-watering. If you find yourself in Bermuda and don't try at least one of these soufflés, you're truly doing yourself a disservice.

The Swizzle Inn: The Swizzle Inn is the oldest pub on the island and home to their national drink, the Rum Swizzle. I - like many fun loving tourists - really strive for the immersive, cultural experience and therefore had to take a trip (or two) to The Swizzle Inn for their signature cocktail. Again, pitchers are always encouraged.

Bailey's Ice Cream Parlour: If you happen to be at The Swizzle Inn or have just finished kayaking or even cave diving (see below), Bailey's Ice Cream is a must. I couldn't image a vacation without freshly scooped ice cream and this place delivers. The pistachio inspired parlour with it's retro decor is photo ready, making it the perfect spot to snap a few pictures as your ice cream melts all over your hand. #insta


Elbow Beach: Beaches here are the most beautiful I've ever seen. The stretches of gorgeous pink sand and sparkling blue waters really can't be beat. Almost all of the beach pictures above were taken at EB. Absolutely stunning and surprisingly quiet. If you're planning a trip to Bermuda make sure to pencil in Elbow Beach at least once.

Downtown Hamilton: Downtown Hamilton isn't too big, so it's easy to cover everything you want to see in one outing. I would recommend starting at the Princess Hotel (bright pink - can't miss it) exploring their gorgeous back terrace and then walking the length of downtown. You'll pass plenty of quaint boutiques, restaurants and a very delicious cafe. It was helpful to walk the length of downtown and scope everything out before deciding what to do next. Oh, and as always, plenty of photos ops.

Horseshoe Bay: This was another great spot for a beach day. It's a bit more crowded than Elbow Beach, but you should certainly take the trip there at least once. We did a bit of exploring and found a path that led to a rocky outlook with beautiful vistas.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse: Another adorably quaint spot on the island. We visited this lighthouse with the family who hosted us and it was so sweet to hike up to the top with the kiddos. Granted, even if you don't have a similar experience, the views are stunning and 100% worth the 185 steps to the top. With panoramic views, you can see the entire length of the 22 mile island.

Crystal Caves: Another activity that should not be passed over should you visit this beautiful island is exploring Crystal Caves. Yes, it was a little nerve wracking to be that far underground with stalactites - some thought to be millions of years old - hanging above your head. After the initial nerves wear off, though, it's a truly amazing experience. One of the caves was found by two teenagers back in 1907. They saw a hole in the ground and naturally thought "Ah, yes. Let's repel ourselves into darkness and then go for a swim in unknown waters." Did I mention is was pitch black when they found it because, well, it's a cave??

Tom Moore's Jungle: Tom Moore's Jungle is an excellent spot to explore the more secluded parts of the island. Sure, there are plenty of spots for more beautiful vistas within the reserve and even a ledge to dive into clear blue waters, but venturing down one of the sheltered, canopy lined paths is a "must take", completely different experience.

Kayaking: I love any excuse to be on the water and kayaking was a great way to explore hidden alcoves and secluded beaches around the island. We were only out for an hour or so, but if you make more of a day be sure to check out the coral reefs and dotted shipwrecks that surround the island. Warning: This is quite the workout and really sneaks up on your towards the end of your trip. You will feel it the next day.

Summer Concert Series: While there are plenty of spots on the island to listen to live music, Sea Breeze Lounge hosts The Big Chill every summer on Saturday nights. We were particularly drawn to Elbow Beach and the Sea Breeze Lounge is conveniently located above Mikey's Beach Bar & Bistro (see above). This weekly series attracts both tourists and locals alike. The Big Chills lineup is pretty solid. They have their own rendition of Havana, by Camila Cabello which we could not get out of heads for the remainder of the trip.


Bermuda is perfect for all easy, breezy and bright outfits, so keep that in mind while packing. You'll definitely want more practical clothes if you plan to explore the Tom's jungle or go kayaking. I think I wore heals once on the trip and that was when we went out for dinner at Blu. TBH, you're better of leaving those at home. I all but lived in comfortable sandals this tip. Do be sure to bring a cardigan or light jacket, as it gets chilly at night - especially if you go in the earlier months. And seriously Do. Not. Forget. Sunscreen.  I wore three layers at all times. The sun on the island is no joke. Lastly, Bermudians accept USD - which is great if you want to avoid bank fees for international travel. If you happen to be traveling from the US, would recommend taking some cash out. Will truly save you time and money once you get there.

Overall, this was a vacation for the books. I could not recommend visiting more. The only caveat I have is that it is on the pricy side and even if you find an inexpensive spot to stay, you can rack up a bill pretty fast with all the taxis needed to get around. Definitely prepare for that going in and just spend some time saving up beforehand. And while it is quite the romantic spot, I would recommend going with friends. We had such a fun girls' trip - exploring the island, catching up on much needed relaxation and of course taking plenty of pictures along the way. In fact, this post would not have been possible without their amazing photography skills. 😉 If I haven't answered all of your questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below! I'm always here to help a fellow traveler find their way to Bermuda.



  1. This is incredible! I was actually just talking to some friends the other day about possibly planning a trip to Bermuda soon and your pictures have me convinced it's a good idea! I saw that your taxi bill added up - have you ever rented a car there? Just trying to weigh the pros & cons and would welcome your input. Thanks!

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  6. I've been to Bermuda twice and I love it there! Unfortunately the second time we couldn't really go to the beach because a tropical storm was approaching and they closed most of the beaches. But it's still a wonderful place to visit!

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