Rachel Lynn is a PR friendly blog! If you like what you see and are interested in collaborating with me I would love to set something up with you. I am always happy to receive emails about all products, sponsorships, advertising and possible collaboration. My aim, as always, is to bring useful and entertaining posts to my readers and this happens in part by working with companies.

All items received will be styled by Rachel Lynn and promoted here. I accept sponsored posts, reimbursements and gifts from brands to write about their products and services. I also accept items for review purpose but all products I receive are for consideration purposes only. This means that I have the right to not review /do a negative review if necessary. In the case of a negative review, I will always contact you beforehand.

I'd also love to work with other bloggers! If you are interested, please email me, as well!

Rachel Lynn is a personal blog and all promotions and compensations will not effect the content of this blog. I will always be honest and open with my readers about my true feelings. To stay true to this promise, all promotional posts will be noted with a disclaimer.

I look forward to working with you!

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