Athleisure Wedges

Hi friends & welcome back! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that last week I ran a casual 10 miles. Long story short: I was about to finish my normal route when I was almost hit by a car, cursed out said car and then (like any sane person) decided to keep running. I was 100% not prepared to run almost twice what I normally do and was unbelievably sore for the rest of that week. The kind of sore where you need physical support walking down steps and then spend the rest of your night shuffling around your apartment groaning like a 85 year old man. Why am I telling you this quirky, but otherwise unrelated story? Since I certainly couldn't run again for a few day, I was able to spend my nights planning and writing! A la, this post.

The world works in mysterious ways... Anyway, now on to the good stuff!

My newest obsession is pictured below. This wedge / sneaker dreamboat gives me life. While that might seem a bit dramatic, a coworker of mine has a similar pair and ever since I first saw hers, I knew I wouldn't rest until I owned a pair myself. Then, after months of waiting - like a sign from God - Steve Madden was having a sale. I knew it was meant to be.

This style screams New York - so chic and effortless. It has an athleisure feel to them (obvs - as they're a sneaker wedge 🙈), but even so, they instantly elevate any outfit without calling too much attention. Perfect to pair with a dress for date night or leggings for all the other days you just want to be comfortable.

These, along with a few others I've had my eye on, are linked below.


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