October Faves

Hello, lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had a busy weekend full of work and friends. I went to a ramen bar for the first time and had the best broth ever! :P But, actually--it was so delicious. Although, there was a weird comb looking vegetable in my ramen that I'm still not able to identity. (Here's to trying new foods!) I then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening cuddled in bed reading. I'm almost finished with the book I've been working on for forever! Who knew actually sitting down and taking n hour or two to read would get the job done! :P Anywho, last week was such an odd week for me and motivation for anything was seriously lacking. I'm now ready to take on the work week and get some blogging accomplished! For today's post I'm letting you all in on some of my favorites for the month of October. I fell in love with so many new products this month and I can't wait to share them with you! So without further ado, my October Faves.

Lancome Sleeping Mask
I got this mask a few weeks ago as a gift from Sephora. (Perks of being addicted to makeup) I don't use this product every night, mainly because I don't want to run out of it too fast, but every time I try it, it seriously does wonders for my face! I have combination skin where patches of my skin will always always always get dried out and then other areas will be super oily. As a result, I've always struggled with finding the right moisturizer. I need a product that won't make my face too oily, but I want one that will get rid of my dry spots. And all of the sudden, in walks the Lancome Sleeping Mask and it was a match made it heaven! Every night I wear it, I wake up in the morning and my skin feels so supple and youthful. And the more I use it the better the results are--my skin continues to feel amazing even on the days I haven't worn the mask! I never used to be big on sleeping masks, but I will 100% keep this one at the ready from now on.

Better Than Sex Mascara
In that same trip to Sephora, I picked up this mascara. Now, I know most of you have probably at least heard of this mascara before if you don't already own it. This has been the most talked about high end mascara since it came out and there is no question why. I went into work the other day and a lady I almost never talk to noticed my eyelashes and would not stop telling me how great they look! This mascara makes even the weakest eyelashes full, long and beautiful! Granted, there is a steep price tag, but I'm sure Santa wouldn't mind picking it up for you. :)

Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation
When I first started using foundation, I went straight for drugstore products. BAD MOVE Within a few days of using whatever it was that I picked up, my face completely blew up in breakouts. I had never had acne this bad and had no idea what to do. Switching to the Kat Von D Lock-it foundation was such a gamechanger! The coverage is flawless and I don't feel like I have makeup caked on my face. It's very light and breathable. & the best part is it lasts soo long! You're not dropping $30 every 4 months. I picked it up for the first time summer of 2015 before I left for Italy and just got a new one in October! Now, granted I don't wear make up every single day-- very often, but definitely not 365 days a year. If you're looking to change up your foundation and want something that will last, Kat Von D Lock-It foundation is for you!

Maybelline, Touch of Spice Matte Lipstick
I know all of the products I've talked about thus far were high-end, but I am obsessed with Maybelline and have been for years now! I love the feel and wearability of their lipsticks. They're so satiny and make me feel like 100 bucks. I especially love how affordable they are! I have three--Touch of Spice, Darlingly Nude and Romantic Rose. I talked about Daringly Nude in a previous post, but Touch of Spice is by far my favorite color for the fall season! It's such a warm, plum red color--perfect to pair with your cozy fall outfits.

One Tree Hill
Recently I've been watching a lot of scary movies (#riphalloween ), but I am such a baby at being scared. To combat the inevitable nightmares, I've been watching One Tree Hill every night after I watch American Horror Story. I used to watch this show religiously with my family, but we stopped after like season 5. Rewatching the episodes is SUCH a throwback. I've honestly started watching this show more than AHS! such a classic <3

Aerie Bralette's
I know, I know, I am once again hella late to the game! People have been wearing bralette's for forever, but naturally I just picked up my first in October and I'm honestly dissapointed I didn't do so sooner! I wear them for almost every single outfit and have all but boycotted regular bras. I'm just dying to pick up as many styles and colors as I can!

Yankee Candle- Pumpkin Apple Butter
I. Love. Candles. Who doesn't?! My favorite candles are fall scented ones. I go crazy for them! I recently picked up this candle from TJMaxx and it smells like the candle I had my Junior year of college. Every time I smell it I feel like I'm newly 21 and back in my Bouquet apartment. It's crazy how scent could bring all of these memories rushing back.

Fun Mugs
If you aren't already obsessed with TJMaxx I'm going to give you another reason to be: fun mugs. Yes, mugs. I love going to TJMaxx to shop for literally anything. But I especially love perusing their mug section. They have SUCH adorable mugs and they're all hella cheap! I got my latest one from TJMaxx for $3 and I use it almost every day. If you haven't already, be sure to check out their mug section-- you seriously wont regret it!

What are some of your favorites from last month??


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  1. Girl! OTH is my jammmm!!! Seriously, I could rewatch that show a million times over. I love it! Also need to make a quick stop at TJ maxx for those mugs. BRB... <3

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  2. Great list! My sister has watched OTH about a million times, one of these days I will watch it myself. I also LOVE Kat Von D's makeup line!!

  3. Y A S touch of spice!!!! It's been my go to for the past few years ugh the perfect color wowowow

  4. Pumpkin Apple Butter candles? That sounds amazing! I need some new lipstick as well and now I know where to look!

  5. love the Maybelline, Touch of Spice Matte Lipstick myself!

  6. OMG! One Tree Hill. You just brought me back a little. My husband and I watched probably 2 seasons of the show on DVD right after we got married. The day after our wedding I was ill and ill can be, turned out I had walking pneumonia. We stayed in bed for 2 weeks watching OTH. Haha. Loved Chad Michael Murray back in those days too.

  7. I love OTH! I wish they would do a spin off of it or something. I have used the Better Than Sex mascara several times. I've heard really great things about the Lock It Foundation. I am currently using Urban Decays All Nighter Foundation and love it!

  8. OTH and that mascara are my favorite! I'm definitely going to check out that lancome mask

  9. I keep hearing such amazing things about the KVD foundation. I really should try it!

  10. I've heard about that mascara. Now I'm for sure going to try it. Thanks

  11. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mascara so I may have to try out the Better than Sex one!

  12. I'm all about candles in the Fall! That Pumpkin Apple sounds amazing.

  13. That pumpkin apple butter candle sounds wonderful! I keep two candles on my desk that have a nice scent.

  14. I am right there with you on the fun mugs and Better than Sex Mascara! It is one of the best I have ever tried.

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