November Goals & October Recap

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a spooky Halloween yesterday. Sadly, I was scheduled to work last night, so I wasn't able to do much more than snuggle up after I got off and watch Hocus Pocus. Still a great evening, nonetheless! What were you guys up to last night?! Today, though, I'm going to review my goals for last month and set some new goals for myself! For some reason, I'm obsessed with these 'goal' posts. I love writing them because they always keep me accountable. I think about what my goals are the month and what I can be doing to complete those goals. And I love keeping them manageable so I don't feel too overwhelmed! And reading other people's goals gives me so many ideas & inspiration. So without further ado, my november goals and october recap!



1. Read Two Books - Wow, I completely failed on this goal. I've read half of one book, but I definitely wouldn't call that a win. oops!

2. Learn to cook one fall inspired dish - I finally am starting to cook more! I've been having avocado toast with eggs and saut√©ed tomatoes for breakfast, and it is such a game-changer! This month I made pumpkin spice snickerdoodles and blogged about it here. Then I made spaghetti squash, which was just as yummy. I'm excited to see what else I can create!

3. Finish AHS Season 1 - COMPLETED! I love, love, loved the first season of AHS. All of the characters were so perfectly developed and the cinematography is always on point. I've already started watching the second season, although this one has me a lot more creeped out, so I've been taking it slowly and making sure to watch One Tree Hill afterwards, so that I don't get nightmares. I'm such a baby!

4. Complete at least 5 Fall Bucket List items - I just reread this goal and mentally panicked because I had completely forgotten I even had this as one of my goals. YIKES! I did end up getting this goal completed, though!

  1. Finish Stranger Things: I 100% finished watching Stranger Things and wow is it amazing!! I seriously can't wait for the next season, whenever that decides to come out. I'm considering rewatching it with Mason because he hasn't seen it yet. 
  2. Watch American Horror Story: I've definitely been watching AHS (as seen up above)
  3. Drink a pumpkin spice latte: I drank a pumpkin spice latte (documented for proof here and here :P). I've actually only had that one all season. I like PSL, but I'm not crazy about them anymore. There's a hazelnut drink that comes out around this time that I seriously swoon over, though! 
  4. Have a scary movie date: I had a scary movie date with my boyfriend last week. We watched Freddy VS Jason. For some reason the Freddy movies always intrigue me. It wasn't the best scary movie I've ever watched, but it was still a fun date night. :)
  5. Watch Hocus Pocus: Last night to celebrate Halloween, I watched Hocus Pocus! It's been one of my favorite Halloween movies since I was a little kid and I love watching it every year. Some of the middle parts dragged on a bit, but it was still as good as always!
  6. Go to Fright Nights at KennywoodEarlier this month, I was able to go to Kennywood with my two girlfriend's and Mason. We spent most of our time going on the rides, but there was a bit of scaring going on, for sure! I snapped/instagram storied the adventure. There was some shrieking involved and some guy ran up to me and tried to chop my head off with a fake ax. I knew he wasn't going to actually hit me, but damn, did he get pretty close! There was also a dead guy doing parkour trying to scare everyone. He was quite interesting. 

For the Blog:
1. Reach 1,500 followers on Instagram & engage more - FINALLY! Wow, guys, I've been trying to reach this goal since like June. I know, JUNE! Granted, at that time it was a pretty lofty goal and most months I wasn't really doing the best at engaging with others, but this month I kicked my butt into gear and finally reached my goal! Persistence definitely paid off.

2. Continue to work on growing Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook - I've definitely kept these other social medias in the back of my head. Twitter and Facebook have had alright growth, but my Pinterest has been exploding lately! Granted, Pinterest is my newest obsession and I post to group boards a decent amount, but I wasn't expecting such a high amount of growth in one month!

3. Write 4 blog posts ahead of time - I honestly didn't count how many I wrote ahead of time, but I feel like I wrote at least a portion of almost all of my posts ahead of time. Even though I didn't have everything completed, it was seriously a timesaver when it came to posting it the day of and I was able to get more PR stuff done as a result. This is definitely a habit I need to keep up!

4. Update editorial calendar for October - Completed! This is another goal I want to start making into a habit I don't even have to think about. I had half of my calendar completed and staring at the last, empty half gave me such anxiety I had to fill it out immediately! It also helps me visualize how my blog will flow for the upcoming month, which I really like.

5. Organize and send out first newsletter - ooops. There's always one goal I don't complete, that I really should have completed. Honestly, I'm just really overwhelmed with the whole newsletter thing. I'm not really sure how to go about formatting it and what I should write in it. I just need to bite the bullet this month and get it done!


1. Finish one book: I still want to make reading a priority amidst the craziness of life, but I have to be realistic. I do have three books coming in the mail, so hopefully that will be the motivation I need to get to work! 

2. Donate one bag of clothes: I've been meaning to do this for a while now. Today I read Blissfully Brunette's post about minimalism and this has definitely been something I want to start moving towards. I really don't need all of the things I have. So little by little I want to go through my things and decide what I really need and what I'm just holding on to. 

3. Start Scream Queens: Rachel from The Confused Millennial told me a few weeks ago that I should start watching this show. It's been on my to watch list for a while now, and in celebration of the spooky season that has just passed, I think it's appropriate to start watching. Even if I can only sneak in an episode or two. 

4. Complete 5 more items off of my Fall Bucket List: I'm still so determined to make it to a pumpkin patch this season! It seriously needs to happen.

5. Start saving/shopping for Christmas: Yes, I know Halloween was just yesterday and I not honestly in the Christmas spirit just yet, but I am a waitress and have to be practical about the amount of money I need for Christmas shopping. Christmas is my absolute favorite and I hate just giving one present--even if it's a really nice present. When I was younger my grandmother was ALLL about christmas. We'd get our presents and then she would break out all of this stuff to give us. It would be silly things like tissues or tampons-- just odds and ends type things. But we would always leave with an ish ton of stuff. Maybe it's her influence or just my love of giving gifts, but Christmas shopping is always a big thing for me. I really have to be proactive this year! 

For the Blog:

1. Send out newsletter: I'm making this number 1 because I seriously need to do this! Even if I just send out a newsletter once a month, it's something I need to figure out and send out. #determined

2. Reach 1600 followers on Instagram

3. Reach 600 followers on Twitter

4. Reach 600 likes on Facebook

5. Reach 600 followers on Pinterest

6. Write all blog posts ahead of time: (minus today's blog post because it's almost noon and it's still not done. lolololz)

7. Update editorial calendar

8. Read more from Melyssa Griffin: I've already read a few things from her and she's seriously the queen of blogging advice! I get her emails, but I've been too busy to read them. I need to actively take time to read more of her stuff!

Welp, that was a lot of goals. Clearly, I have a lot I need to get done this month. There will definitely be a plethora of coffee snaps, that's fo sho! What are some of your goals for this month?? Help me out on some of my goals and follow me on my different social medias. :) Until next time!


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  1. For some reason I've never jumped on the Hocus Pocus train! Literally have no clue why! I'm probably the only person who doesnt like that movie lol. But last night my fiancé and I watched a scary movie (Carrie) and it was awesome. Love the goals, and will be cheering you on! xo

  2. I've just recently gotten in to Scream Queens. So far I really like it - it's much less creepy than AHS (at least for me.)

  3. You have such great goals and I'm totally feeling inspired to set some myself now! OMG AHS Season 1 is one of my faves! Season 3 is my equal fave. <3

  4. I have never seen Hocus Pocus, feels a little late but I maybe should watch it!! Strange Things though - is sooo good!! If you haven't seen it I'd recommend Black Mirror!

    Good luck with your goals this month!! I hope they go well and I seriously can't believe we are talking Christmas Goals already!! Yikes!!

    If you are interested I host a Monthly Blogger Goal Collab were we check in and keep each other accountable!

  5. Dang girl! That's a lot of goals, but good for you! And good idea saving for Christmas always sneaks up on us.

  6. I think it's wonderful that you have reading a book as one of your goals for this month! I definitely should have added that to my goals....Congrats on accomplishing so many of your October goals! Keep it up :)

    xo Nicole

  7. Great blog goals.I sent out my first newsletter last.... Only took me 4 months so you aren't the only one.. Lol I finished watching stranger Things in like 2 days. So good.

  8. This is a great list of goals, and congrats on all of the accomplishments so far!

  9. Hello guy ,
    I appreciated your november goals . Excellent these goals here .