Must Own Scarves This Season

Hello beautiful readers, it's Friday!! (cue happy dance) I know things have been crazy around the world, but I hope you are having a good week.  Things have definitely been crazy in my corner of the universe, but I feel like I'm getting a better handle of things. What I'm not exactly prepared for is this cold weather! Pittsburgh is getting chillier and chillier. On the one hand, I'm all about cooler weather for the Christmas season, but my body temperature is also 4 degrees cooler than everyone else's and I get sick super easy. So even though I'm ready for it to be a little cooler, I need to prepare my cold body! Cue my favorite part of the cooler seasons--- scarves!

I started routinely wearing scarves two weeks ago and will continue to do so until late April. I can't live without my scarves and, as such, am always in search of the cutest ones. Today, in honor of the colder weather and the upcoming holiday season, I've brought to you a few of my on point, favorite scarves. A little inspiration for you & a little inspiration for those on your shopping list! PSA: I love plaid.





I used to be the biggest fan of infinity scarves--I was obsessed my sophomore year of college. Clearly, blanket scarves are more than in & I'm loving all of the rich colors you can find them! Scarves are the perfect accent to any outfit and I can't wait to see what adorable ones find their way into my closet next! Leave your favorite scarves and places to find them in the comments below. :) Ya girl could always use some inspiration herself. 


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  1. Oh my goodness! I want all of these! I wish it got colder in Florida to really enjoy these.

    Elizabeth Ann //

  2. Red Dress Boutique is one of my favorite online boutiques to shop at! I own so much of their stuff. And plaid blanket scarves are my faave. I can't wait to wear mine!!

  3. Great post I am such a scarf addict!

  4. I love infinity scarves too! they are so fun and super cozy! that cat one is too funny!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  5. These are all so cute! I love using scarves to transition into the Fall weather that we don't really get here in Texas, lol.

  6. I want all of these. Of course I would have to share them with my daughter.

  7. All of the are looking impressive . Like this nice post .