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Hello there! Hope all is well. :) Things have been crazy, as always (go figure). I recently graduated from college, which was extremely exciting! I can't believe it finally happened. It was definitely a sprint to the finish line, thats for sure. As I now have a little time on my hands, I am SO excited to tell you about a new collaboration I have recently entered into!

 About a month ago, Blair from Rocksbox reached out to me to set up a collaboration and since then I've been in jewelry heaven. If you follow me on my Instagram you definitely already have a solid idea of how much I am obsessed with this company. ((I can't stop talking about them!)) What is Rocksbox you may ask? I shall tell you. Rocksbox is a company part of the ever growing business of subscription 'boxes'. Recently my Facebook has been loaded with different companies who essentially sell subscriptions to rent products based on your personal taste and style. These products include anything from makeup to food to clothes (i.e. Rent the Runway) and even vinyl.

Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored by Rocksbox, all opinions and experiences shared are my own.

Essentially, this $19/month Rocksbox subscription gives you unlimited access to designer jewelry on loan. When you sign up there is a designer/style survey which helps your personal stylist choose pieces that you will like and be able to wear for work, a night out or anything else in between. Each piece is hand selected and you can wear them as much as you like! When you're ready for three new pieces, return the ones you do not want to purchase and they will send you another three for you to style and adore! If you are married to a particular piece, the cost to purchase through Rocksbox is also discounted from the retail price and each month you receive $10 in spending.

Uhm, yes please.

As I am the self-acclaimed Queen of Selfies, I naturally have a few to share sporting my favorite Kendra Scott, Danielle earrings in Ivory Pearl. I'm also wearing the Gorjana, Elea Cuff (pictured above), but naturally my hair is hiding it. All of these pieces I received, including the Perry Street, Gwenyth Necklace in White are so simple and classic, but also make a statement. It's hard to look away once they've captured your attention!

I wore the necklace and the Kendra Scott earrings to my sorority's formal a few weekends ago, and could not have been more pleased with how perfectly they pulled my outfit together! However, not only are these pieces beautiful and perfectly styled, but Rocksbox customer service is extremely exceptional. While reading this post you may be skeptical. Which is totally reasonable. I was a tad bit, too, to be honest. Sure, in theory this sounds like an amazing idea and wearing beautiful designer jewelry is a dream come true, but what happens if something goes wrong? Well, as my luck would have it something did go wrong.

Six days after I had received my Rocksbox was the day of my formal. Hair done, makeup on fleek, and dress on. I was very much ready to walk out the door when the final touches (i.e. my Rocksbox jewelry) had to be placed. I had worn my cuff a few times throughout those six days, but nothing crazy. As per instructions left in the box, the cuff was bendable. Yes, I'm sure you already know what happened. As I secured this beautiful, delicate cuff to my wrist it snapped in half. I stood in shock for what felt like an eternity.

oh. my. god. someone catch me because I'm about to pass out..

Surely, my life was about to end and I would have to fork over a very pretty penny to replace this cuff. Naturally, I had no time to deal with the situation, as I was already late for dinner reservations, but the next day I immediately emailed Rocksbox customer service and was received with only understanding. I was able to send back the pieces I didn't want to purchase and a new box was on its way almost immediately! So what happens when the worst, unimaginable situation occurs? Rocksbox is to the rescue with amazing customer service. Now, obviously you have to be careful with any and all of the jewelry, and they will base each decision on a case by case basis, but life happens when we are least expecting it to and Rocksbox understands that. 

Moral of the story? I am in LOVE WITH ROCKSBOX. [[Yes, the caps was necessary.]] This is an amazing, quality company that prides itself on supplying beautiful jewelry and amazing customer service. If you find yourself dying to try out this amazing company, or are looking to give your special someone (cough, cough, Mother's Day) the gift of beautiful designer jewelry, use code rgolden95xoxo to receive your first month free! As always, if you liked this post and want to see more, don't forget to subscribe and follow me on social media!! 

"I have enough jewelry" -said no one ever



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