spring time for the chronically cold

Welcome back! In my quest to stay stylish as a college student in Pittsburgh I've come across a slight problem. This problem being the weather. Springtime typically means the blooming of flowers, sunshine, birds chirping and a long list of other delightful events that make one forget the chill of winter. Unfortunately winter fights back and the weather can be unpredictable at best. Even this past weekend it was snowing back at home! SNOWING. In APRIL. To say I was ill prepared is an understatement. Naturally, a scarf and a light jacket is an easy remedy for this unpredictable season. However, below are a few pictures (please excuse my derpy nature) of my personal favorite versatile remedy for unpredictable weather. 

As a few of you can see, some of these pictures have been featured on my Instagram because I just can't get enough of this style right now! If you know anything about me, sweaters are my favorite. Hands down. Home run. Eat, breath and sleep in sweaters. So when I'm dressing for a day that is on the brink of being chilly I like to switch things up a bit by wearing a sweater with a light tank underneath. This way if the weather perks up, just toss it in your bag and suddenly you're wearing an entirely different outfit and ready to take in those warm rays! This sweater layering technique can also work with sun dresses. On top you're snuggled up nice and warm in your sweater but your bottom half is still chic and stylish. You will never miss a sunbathing opportunity again!

Pros/Cons of This Style:

PRO: You're wearing a sweater.
CON: Because its cold outside.

PRO: Beach season is just around the corner.
CON: Bee season is just around the corner.

PRO: Efficiently covers your lack of beach body.
CON: Beach body is no where to be found.

PRO: Shows off your appropriately shaped shoulder.
CON: Shoulder is now cold.

Thankfully the season of "freezing when you wake up and sweltering when you get out of class" does not last long and soon we will be able to break out our tanks and shorts permanently. But for the meantime, and in-between time sweaters, as always, are here to save the day.
Bless the sweater. 
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  1. I love sweaters! I'm the kind of person who carries one with me in summer because I'm cold when I spend time in air conditioned restaurants and stores.

  2. I totally understand where you're coming from, it's still snowing here and it seems like it won't be stopping any time soon. Knock on wood. I am still living in sweaters!

    La Belle Sirene

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