top ten things i'm excited for this semester

I've made quite a bit of headway since my last post, and by that I mean, I've been doing absolutely nothing but working and getting ready for school. Contrary to my previous "enjoy the moment, live life to the fullest, blah, blah, blah" post, I'm seriously bouncing out of my shoes in excitement for this semester. As such, my posts will primarily be about the excitement that is college. Be prepared. So in anticipation for the upcoming semester it seems only appropriate to fill you in on just what it is that I'm excited about.

1. Leggings and sweaters. All day. Everyday. No questions asked.
2. Sorrento's pizza at 1:30am. 50% of the pizza may be soup-like in texture but that in no way lessens the deliciousness that is their pizza. Don't forget the ranch. 
3. Walking around campus. This one may seem silly, but I've been driving everywhere all summer and really haven't had the opportunity to just walk around. It gives me time to think and I get my daily dose of people watching in. 
4. Living with my best friend. I could get all gushy and tell you how she really gets me and I wouldn't be anywhere without her, but really, I'm just excited to be able to bug her 24/7 with my constant flow of cat videos and and deer that want their bellies rubbed. Also, having her around to show all the things I find funny on twitter. 
5. Turning 21. Is an explanation really needed? Hems and Peters. 
6. Cathy, aka: the Cathedral of Learning. Because what Pitt student doesn't have a love affair with that beautiful piece of architecture?

7. Taking a plethora of pictures of Cathy and feeling the need to upload all of them to instagram. Yes this one is different! The leaves are changing and Cathy is slightly off center. God, don't you have eyes?? 
8. Schenley Park. mainly Chipotle dates in Schenley with said best friend. Also, running in Schenley, which I probably won't end up doing but like to think I will.

9. Going to school with thousands of people yet still finding a way to run into the same 10 people everyday. It will happen and it will be awkward.
10. Running into super hot guys that you don't see everyday and suddenly turning mute. also awkward. 
11. All things GSS. Rush week. Boys and Girls Club. Monograms. Littles. Date nights, the whole 9 yards.
12. Pumpkin spice lattes, because I wouldn't be a white girl without a little pumpkin spice in my life. and by a little I mean at least 5 grandes a week. think i'm kidding.
13. Classes, and the overwhelming amount of homework and papers that come along with it!!                 hahah.
14. Avenue Q, Chicago, Urinetown. Musicals, musicals, musicals. Signing my life away to some musical event once a semester and loving every moment of it.
14a. Seeing Brian and Joe at all theatrical events, because they always call me a diva and give the best hugs. 
14b. Also, all theatre people in general, because they are the best. Hands down.
15. Almost running through towers lobby to avoid the tables of people with flyers. Yes I see you, yes I am ignoring you.
16. Being one of those people with flyers and hating everyone who is ignoring you. Like, seriously? Do you have to be so rude? Just take the damn flyer!
17. All of the Pitt football games that I have season tickets for. Even though I might attend two of them. If i'm lucky.
18. Free t-shirts. A never-ending supply of free t-shirts.
19. Being broke.

So clearly the title of this blog is a little misleading, and went from being another emotional, 'lets be serious' blog to a "this is definitely funny and not just because it's 2:00 in the morning".  Just keeping things interesting. Until next time!


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