Summer 2014 Favorites

Hey guys, as summer comes to a close I'd just like to let you all in on a few of the different products I've discovered over the past four months and have absolutely fallen in love with!


Covergirl Bronzer
I don't know about everyone else, but I always use bronzer, not matter what season it is. This summer I wouldn't be caught dead leaving my house without my CoverGirl loose powder, translucent honey (#120) bronzer. Even on days when I wasn't able to get out in the sun, this life saver still allows me to look sun kissed. 

V.S Eyeliner
Victoria's Secret is not my first place to go shopping for make up. Quite honestly, I would never normally buy make there. This summer, though, while combing through their Semi Annual Sale merchandise I came across the So Intense Liquid Liner Pen. It just so happened that I was running out of what I usually use and of course I had to try it out! It turns out that it works extremely well! The brush is so sleek and thin, I even like it better than what I used to use.
Another V.S. Semi Annual Sale steal for me this summer was the Victoria scent. I use this light, crisp, sophisticated scent every day. It actually beat out my Burberry Brit perfume as my go to summer scent.

Pink Chiffon
Don't you love those coworkers who so generously bring in hand lotion for everyone to use?? Occasionally the scent isn't your favorite, and sometimes you kinda wanna gag from the odor. There are, however, rare moments when you fall in love, and fall in love I did with Bath and Body Works, Pink Chiffon lotion! If you're in the market for a new lotion I would definitely recommend checking it out. (Caution: I've heard through the grape vine that the body spray smells completely different from the lotion. My only experience, however, comes from the lotion.)

Essie Nail Polish
So I'm going to cheat a little on this one, because some of these shades I've had for a while now, but there's no denying that these colors are perfect for the summer. Essie makes the most playful yet sophisticated nail polishes by far! (From front to back: Bianc, Bikini So Teeny, Turquoise & Caicos, and Fiji)

Clothing and Accessories:
Francesca Romper
Sadly, I've only been able to wear this romper once this summer to my cousins bridal shower, but it is the perfect summer, all-in-one, outfit. It has a 'greek goddess' vibe about it with the ivory leaf pattern on the shoulders and the low cut on the front and back of the piece. The  baby blue color counters the low neck line to give the piece a sexy but still playful feel.

Steve Madden Wedges
I got my first pair of wedges this summer. Why I waited so long, I have no idea. Anyway, I was eyeing up this adorable pair of Steve Madden wedges at Marshals and, of course, they have evolved into my go to summer heal. I've posted another picture of me wearing them in my Summer's Were Made For Road Trips post. The strapped heal is simple but classic. Perfect for a nice dinner out or a walk down by the bay. (And yes, they are super comfy!)

Anne Klein Watches
Anne Klein is not a designer that gets enough credit for her amazing work. I am extremely fond of the watches she puts out. They aren't outrageously priced and the quality and style are definitely spot on. I featured my first Anne Klein watch in my It's All About The Details  post. All of her watches are phenomenal and definitely worth every penny. I even managed to get my sister hooked on her!

Starbucks Caffè Expresso Frappuccino
Just thinking about this drink is making my mouth water! It's got all the sweetness you would expect in a frappuccino, but it's not overpowering. It says, "I'm sweet, but not too sweet and perfect for all the coffee lovers out there". 

Lana Del Ray- Born To Die
Most famous for, Summertime Sadness and Young and Beautiful, Lana Del Rey has proved to be a very popular, up and coming artist. She describes herself as a "self-styled gansta Nancy Sinatra". 'Gansta' or not, one thing is for sure, she's definitely got a style all her own. Listening to her music always makes me feel cooler, more hip. Now clearly there is debate over whether or not I am, in fact, cooler than I was before I listened to her album but there's not doubt that if her low, soulful voice and free spirited, no holds barred lyrics don't make you feel some sort of way, you're doing it wrong.

Of all the wonderful products I've gotten this summer, these have definitely stood out as my favorites. Can't wait to see what fall has to offer!


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