Exciting News!

Hello again! So lately I've been debating on when to release this news. I've hinted at it in my last post, but I wasn't sure what was too soon and what was waiting too long. What it really came down to was the fact that I am too excited to wait any longer! :) In a little less than two weeks I will be leaving for Genoa, Italy to study abroad for six weeks. I am so excited to be going abroad for the first time in my life and I wouldn't want my first time abroad to be anywhere but Italy! 

While this is all very exciting, I would be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little nervous. Not only is the whole "first time abroad" slightly nerve-wracking, I'll also be taking core classes for my Italian major. So as I flounce around the Italian Riviera, there will also be times when I have to buckle down and get work done. There is the word 'study' in front of 'abroad', so I guess I should expect to do at least a little of that while I'm there. :P I've also some how agreed to go running with one of my friends I'll be rooming with. Part of me is really excited about this. What better way to get to know the city than running around it. I can't even begin to imagine all the cafè's and side shop's we'll discover on our runs or the views while racing past the coast. While another part of me regrets not training sooner for this... we'll see how well I fair at 6AM runs, but it's all about the experience. At least that's what they tell me!

Fun Fact: While I'll be abroad on this particular program 
I'll be required to sign an oath 
promising to speak only Italian while abroad, 
even with the fellow American's I'll
be with! Lets hope I remember how to conjugate... 

One of the most exciting aspects of going abroad, as far as blogging and my loyal readers are concerned, is that I'll be blogging about my experience while there! I'm going to blog at least once a week, but I'd love to be able to blog a little bit every day about my experience each day. It will definitely depend on my course load (I'm still not positive how intensive this particular program will be), but now that I've made it public that I plan on planning blogging, I'll have more to motivate me to do just that! 

While there I'd also love to learn how to cook authentic Italian dishes. 
Something a little fancier than my typical chicken with gnocchi in olive oil with garlic...
And it wouldn't be a trip to Italy without sampling as many different wines 
as my petite figure and pocket book will allow. :)

Because I'll be doing all of this exciting learning, discovering and exploring I think it would be really cool to create a public SnapChat that you all can follow me on to see in real time where I go and see what I see. I'm not tech savvy, so I'll have to see about that one, but it's one of my goals! :) 

Above are a few videos I found on YouTube that give an idea of where I will be staying. Genoa is located in the region of Liguria, Italy, the area high lighted in these videos. Naturally I will not stay just in the Liguria area. I hope to visit all the major cities in Italy including Rome, Venice, and Florence.

Other countries I would like to visit while abroad:
- France

That's all for today's blogpost, don't forget to subscribe to my blog to get updates on when I post about my travels! Feel free to share this with other friends you think would be interested in tuning in. If you have any suggestions on places I should visit while overseas please leave a comment below! I hope to visit as many places as I can. 
And, most importantly -seeing how this is originally a Fashion blog- any suggestions on any pieces you think would be perfect for a summer abroad would be most appreciated! I'm still working on my packing list and the task is quite daunting..

Until next time,


  1. I think it is great that you are traveling! I love to travel (I haven't in a while though lol).

  2. First time visiting your blog, I love it!

  3. Wish you a happy journey and have fun. I am passionate for traveling and Italy is in my list.


  4. How exciting! I would love to have done that in my younger years, I am middle age now! I would love to take a trip over to Europe though and it's on my bucket list! Your blog is lovely, and I wish you the best in your studies abroad!


  5. Oh you are going to have such a good time! I'm jealous of your trip!

  6. What an amazing experience and an exciting time for you!

  7. That's so exciting for you! My SIL traveled/studied abroad and it led to all sorts of other international travel (she was a Spanish education major). Most recently she lived and worked in Ecuador for 9 or 10 months and LOVED it. I think it's great that you're signing an oath---you're going to become so comfortable speaking Italian so quickly, I bet! You should definitely share any funny mess-ups on your blog :)

    1. Oh my gosh, that sounds awesome! I hope this trip leads to more opportunities abroad. :) I'll definitely have to add a "bloopers" section where I talk about all the silly mistakes I've made. I'm sure there will be PLENTY to talk about. :P

  8. Both of these video clips is so exciting . Like these videos .