Bells on Bells on Bells

Why hello again! Last we spoke fashion I was on a bow back kick. Well now I'm back with another staple Southern style I can't live without: the bell sleeve. What is a bell sleeve you may ask? Only the cutest detail on a dress or top to be invented! (cue the dramatics) I, once again, found out about this detail curtesy of my girl, SarahBelle. To say she's been a major influencer in my fashion choices is an understatement! But I digress.

If we've learned anything from my previous posts, or lifestyle in general, sassy is the way to go. "The sassier the better" is not what I always say, but I should start!

This cut flutters perfectly in the wind and adds an element of class to any piece. I picked up my first bell sleeve at Francesca's a few weeks ago while shopping around with my boyfriend. My shoppers remorse had me questioning the decision but four simple words, "you should get it", was all I needed to convince me!

I fell in love with this Aurelia Off-the-Shoulder dress, not only because of it's adorable bell sleeves, but the crochet accents caught my eye and I knew I couldn't live without it. This dress is simple enough to dress up for a nice dinner or dress down by the poolside. I know I'll definitely be showing this off in the streets of Genoa in a few weeks. Oops, we haven't quite gotten to that. A story for next time..!

I also just so happen to be the queen of selfies (at least, I like to think I am) and the sillier the better! Naturally I had to get photographic evidence of my not so neat hair and crooked sunglasses self, but what's the harm in a little selfie??


Above are a couple other of my favorite bell pieces for you to pick up! Don't forget to email subscribe, follow me on bloglovin' and share this if you like it. :) Until next time,



  1. That's a great look. Definitely have to a show my wife. Thanks!

  2. I love bell sleeves! Very 70s chic. That last tunic/dress is gorgeous!

  3. Ohhh, I think I may need to try out bell sleeves...this trend is new to me and looks adorable!

  4. Love this look! :) Kind of give a vintage feel to the piece. I'll have to keep an eye out for this trend when buying for my girls.

  5. I'm lovin' bell sleeves right now too! Actually, I'm just loving anything light in flowy, especially silky shorts. So comfortable!

  6. Love being sassy. I don't like my arms and this bells sleeves might save my life this summer!