"People love tacos" ft. Condado Taqueria

There's always an air of excitement that accompanies any restaurant opening and this held true for the opening of Condado Taqueria. This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the restaurant before its opening and sampling their food for myself. As far as first hand accounts go, this was as positive as any owner could have hoped. Now, granted, I am a self-proclaimed taco lover and it has been said that tequila makes up 45% of my blood, but the facts remain: Condado lived up to any and all of my wildest dreams.

All joking aside, the moment I walked into Condado I knew I was in for a treat. The ambiance of any place is the first thing I notice. Food, alcohol, and wait staff aside, I will go to any restaurant, dive bar, or what have you if I feel drawn to their ambiance-- their vibe.

This restaurant doesn't just have art, it is art. My favorite piece is lovingly referred to as "Nacho Volcano". This mural took up an entire wall, featuring a volcano spewing nacho cheese and entrapping any and all tortilla chips in it's lava- cheesy path. (Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.) There was so much thought and intention behind the creation of Condado that I was instantly intrigued as to what else was in store for the evening.

It turns out all of their art was created by local artists harnessing the vibes of graffiti and tattoo artistry to create an atmosphere where every place you sit there is something different to look at. The restaurant is filled with murals that their general manager notes, "work well together, even though they may seem different." He explains, "Some of the tattoo artists that we have will do the more intricate designs" whereas some of their other pieces are in a "fast[er] graffiti style". 

When I took a second to really look at each piece, I noticed how true this was. Although each mural or piece of artwork followed a certain theme or idea, they were all so stylistically different. I know for a fact I wasn't able to look at all of the art this unique restaurant had to offer and I know each time I come back will be a new visual adventure. 

The experience of being in their restaurant seems to be just as important as the quality of their food and beverage. But let's not forget, Condado is first and foremost a restaurant and I am first and foremost a lover of Mexican cuisine, so I have to talk about the food. 

Yes, those are actual pictures I took on my humble iPhone of Condado's real life food. I'm legitimately drooling right now just thinking about how amazing everything was. I am a sucker for blood orange drinks, so I had to get their blood orange house margarita. Let's just say, they definitely didn't skimp on the tequila and I 100% had to sit and drink a glass of water before I interviewed their general manager. Maybe I'm just a light weight, but the two drinks that I had (my second one was Kahlo -- a tequila version of a mojito) were definitely on the stronger side. 

After drinks, we ordered their "El Tres Amigos" -- chips accompanied by your choice of three dipping sauces (quesos, salsas, and guacamoles). Jen wanted to try their Tuscan guac and to be honest I had my reservations. Something about artichokes, basil and balsamic didn't seem like it would be good paired with guacamole. I am so glad I was wrong, though. Their Tuscan guac turned out to be my favorite-- we couldn't get enough of it! 

And if you were wondering, all of the raving reviews about their queso are correct. It's bangin'! If I could have a lifetime supply of their queso I would die a happy woman. 

Queso > men 

For our entree, we each decided to create our own tacos. I can't honestly remember what all I put into mine, but it truly was a delicious taco. I was more than overwhelmed with all of the choices they had to offer. They have so many different types of shells, proteins and toppings. The availability of a wide variety of options is the catered experience Condado gives to all of its guests. I will definitely need to come back to try more! 

Insider Recommendations:
1. Try the queso dirty
2. Try the Blood Orange Jalapeño Margarita
     (Secret Menu item)
3. Always, always, always get the Sweet Lucy shell for your tacos.

Be sure to visit Condado's Pittsburgh restaurant located at 971 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh Pa, 15222 to experience this unique restaurant for yourself! 


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  1. I love a good taco...add some chips, queso and guacamole and I'm in heaven! Looks like a fun little spot!

  2. This place sounds so good! I love Mexican food so this place sounds right up my alley.

  3. The food sounds delicious and I love the art! This is definitely a place I'd check out!

  4. mmm now i want mexican haha i'll have to check this place out when i'm in the area!

  5. OMG!! I am seriously drooling right now. I could eat tacos everyday, lol. I also love blood orange margaritas!!

  6. I can't even look at tacos and not get hungry! Ah, looks so good.

    xx nicole