50 Fun Facts About Me

Hey all! Things are a little crazy this week (when aren't they?). I actually have a new project that is currently in the works. I can't wait to tell you guys about it! But any-who, for today's post I figured a quick and dirty list of facts about yours truly would be fun! I've seen this type of post around lately and I love the idea letting you all in on a few things you may not know. These are so fun to write and even more fun to read!

50 Fun Facts About Me: 

1. I secretly love young adult vampire novels.
2. I sometimes snore so loud I wake myself up.
3. Living abroad in Italy was one of the most terrifying and exciting things I've ever done.
4. I don't really like pumpkin spice lattes.
5. I belch like a man when I drink beer.
6. I love coffee, but I break out when I drink it and it sometimes makes me sick, so I stay away from it for the most part.
7. I hate lasagna.
8. I have three, bright white scars on my back and I have no idea where they came from.
9. I used to be such a punk rock kid--I loved going to Warped Tour and shows like that.
10. I hate/love waking up early. I hate the feeling of being tired and I always want to sleep more, but I feel so productive and happy if I force my butt out of bed. 
11. I used to take piano lessons, but I sobbed every time I had to practice until my mom finally gave in and I stopped going. I wish I had continued.
12. I've never broken a bone in my body, but I did hyperextend my knee my Freshmen year of high school in the beginning of the season. I had to take the rest of the season off.
13. I almost cut my pinky toe off when I was 7. I took a bath and was splashing around. When I got out I started sliding around/dancing on the floor, slid and sliced my toe. It was as gross as you'd imagine.
14. I tried to run away from home when I was 5 with my older sister. We were wearing footy pajamas and brought our bikes with us, but didn't actually ride them.
15. I've only been sailing once, but I loved every minute of it.
16. The only time I went sailing, I had food poisoning the morning of the trip, slept the entire 2 hour drive to our destination and vomited before getting on the boat. (cute, I know)
17. I used to sleep walk all of the time when I was a kid.
18. I thought I had grown out of this habit, but this past semester, I woke up standing by my desk, staring out my window in the middle of the night. I don't remember what happened, but I remember feeling scared and it freaked me (tf) out. 
19. I've always wanted to visit New England
20. I love being scared and watching scary movies, but I have the worst, most vivid dreams, and don't sleep for a week afterwards. 
21. I collect ball caps and koozies.
22. Something about being surrounded by books makes me heart immensely happy.
23. When I was younger, I used to walk around my house singing/ yelling at the top of lungs hoping someone would hear me, but then would immediately stop singing and get embarrassed if my neighbor or family member would say anything to me about it.
24. I'm more comfortable singing in front of a crowd of people I don't know, than one person I do know.
25. I'm pretty sure my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot.
26. With that in mind, I can fit into child size shoes. (lololz) 
27. I love meeting new people and making new friends, but I have to force myself to start a conversation at first. I can be horribly shy
28. I'm extremely superstitious.
29. Ever since visiting Italy I've had such a craving for small, quaint cafe's and expresso.
30. My older sister, my mother and I all have birthdays on the 29th of the month. My younger sister was supposed to be born on 29th of September, but was born 4 days early, and my youngest sister was supposed to be born on the 29th of December, but was also born early.
31. Both my father and my brother was born on the 26th of the month. 
32. My favorite childhood book was The Two Princesses of Bamarre. I bought it while working at Barnes and Noble a few years ago hoping my youngest sister would read it and fall in love with it, but she never picked it up.
33. I get personally offended when people don't like the same books I do and then have to remind myself it's not a big deal. 
34. When I was first introduced to shaving, I shaved both of my arms to my mother's horror. To this day, my arm hair is next to invisible. (Dodged a bullet on that one!)
35. I want to own a huge atlas and pin every place I've been and every place I want to go.
36. I love traveling and seeing new places.
37. I want to audition for a broadway play/musical. Partly just for the hell of it, but mainly because it would be a dream come true if I were ever cast.
38. I want the first cat I adopt to be an older cat. 
39. When I own my own house, I want a flamingo in my back lawn. No questions asked.
40. I'm obsessed with flamingos.
41. Waitressing terrifies me. 
42. I used to have anxiety dreams when I waitressed over the summers.
43. I can never decide if I want to live in the middle of the city or in the middle of nowhere. I go back and forth often.
44. I used to lay outside and wish I had a pool. Even though my neighbors had a pool and told us we were always welcome to swim whenever we wanted. I would be too scared to actually take them up on their offer.
45. I love the water. If I could be a mermaid, I would be.
46. I desperately wish mermaids were real.
47. I would love to teach English as a second language in Italy. Or even just live in Italy for a year or so. 
48. Freeze pops are one of my favorite summer snacks.
49. I've watched The Notebook at least 60 times. And that's a conservative number. 
50. When I grow up I want a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast.

That's all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it. I always love reminiscing and making fun of myself for all of the silly things that make me, me. It's the quirky things that make you amazing. What are some quirky things about yourself? Or even just things people may not necessarily know about you? Leave your answers in the comments below! I love reading about other people! As I hinted to earlier, I'm currently smoothing out the edges of a project that is in the works. Be sure to subscribe and follow me on my social medias to be the first to hear when it is announced!! Until next time,



  1. Love these! Ditto on soo many of these! 6, 10, 37, 49, and 50.....just to name a few!

    Jamie // The Juneau Home

    1. That's awesome!! Doesn't it suck not being about to drink coffee without adverse effects? I know people who drink it like water and nothing happens to them. I WISH I could do that. Alas, I cannot, hahah

  2. omg! you can fit into child size shoes! that's crazy :)

    1. I can, hahaha. It's kinda embarrassing. But it honestly saves money. Hunter boots in child sizes are like $60 cheaper! It definitely comes in clutch at times

  3. I love lasagna. You must be an itty bitty person for shoe size

    1. Everyone is always so shocked when they find out I don't like lasagna! I had the stomach flu after I ate it once when I was really little. Ever since then I can't stomach it. I'm sure if that hadn't had happened I would love it. I love all other kinds of pasta! But yes, my feet are quite small. :)

  4. I have a weakness for vampire novels too haha! There's something so sexy about them ;)

    1. I'm so glad I'm not alone! There really is just something so mysterious and sexy about them. I love it!

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