winter break

This past winter break was very busy for me, but when I did have some down I spent it in an...interesting way. As much as I would like to think of myself as a full-time fashion guru, I cannot escape the crazy cat lady part of myself. Especially considering the fact that I use "meow" as an acceptable response in every day conversation. So, if any of you were interested on how I spent my free time over the past few weeks, say hello to Simon's Cat.
I really can't get enough of these videos, and whether you own a cat or not they are pretty cute. So if you need a break from your busy week or are still lounging around at home on break, heres something to occupy you for a few minutes (...or hours). You can thank me later. :P

And if that one wasn't enough, here's a few more.

Hopefully I haven't killed anyone opinions of me. But if I have, better luck next time!

xoxo, your favorite cat lady/fashionista,

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