Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog. :) Inspired by my favorite fashion bloggers, I've decided to jump headfirst into the blogging world.

Summer just so happens to be my favorite time of the year and with all the sunshine and tanlines it seems only right to start off with my beach essentials. Everyone loves a day at the beach, but it can be quickly spoiled if you're not prepared. As I'm sleepily rushing to get my beach bag ready there are a few things I try never to forget.

1.Headphones and Phone
   This one's a no brainer. I love snapping pictures of the beautiful water and listening to my Ingrid Michaelson station on Pandora while laying out.

   I know not everyone believes in the skin saving miracle of sunscreen, but I've had my fair share of painful burns and I try not to relive the experience. 
burnt skin = so not chic 

3. Tumbler
fact: everything taste better out of a tumbler

4.Reading Material
As you will soon come to find out (if you don't know already), I am a reading fanatic. Needless to say I never leave the house without something to read. The beach is no exception. However, I have recently been catching up on Lauren Conrad's, Style, at the beach.

5.Beach Towel

6. Sunglasses

Every time I make my way to the beach I find myself throwing different quirky items into my bag, but I can never leave my house without these essentials! I'd love to hear what you guys feel are "must haves" for the beach or even a day at the pool. Any suggestions for future posts are always welcome. Stay tuned for more!

The tumbler is from Starbucks. You can find the beach towel at your local target, or here! The sunglasses are by Andrea Jovine and I got them at TJMaxx. I found the mason jar at Barnes and Noble along with Lauren Conrad's, Style. The Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen can be found at most convenient stores.


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